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What are keycaps?

Keycap is the plastic cover on top of each key switch on your keyboard. Getting new keycaps will allow you to customize your keyboard and allow you to easily type in another language characters like Korean or Japanese.

What are the different keycaps type?

Keycaps profile guide
There is 4 different type of keycap type:
  • OEM Keycap set

OEM profile keycaps are a sculpted keycap set that you will generally find on prebuilt mechanical keyboards. It is mass produced and considered standard among commonly branded mechanical keyboards

  • Cherry profile keycap set

Cherry profile keycaps are customized keys that are very comfortable to use as each key row has a different level. This keycap set is perfect for office work or gaming and they comes in a large variety of design.

  • XDA
 XDA keycaps are low and uniform, which results in this profile being very popular as it as a great look. This profile is pretty easy to get used to so it is quite good for typing and gaming. 
  • DSA Keycap set
DSA, the most popular uniform profiles, is a low-profile keycap type. These keycaps will not be sculpted, meaning that it may be difficult for some user to get use to them. Because of the consistent height and general aesthetic between rows they are quite visually compelling.

Where is the best place to get keycaps?

Ok so your are now ready to shop for your brand new pbt keycaps and I know what you are wondering ? Where is the best online store to get my perfect keycaps set? Well you are at the right place, at The Planter&Co  we offer a large collection of  keycaps setcherry mx keycapspbt keycaps from cute to useful or original you will for sure find the perfect keycaps set for you!

 Korean keycaps set

Japanese keycaps set

How do I know if a particular keycaps set  will fit your mechanical keyboard?

So the technical stuff now : to know if a particular keycaps set will fit your mechanical keyboard you will have to  know the layout of your keyboard, as well as  the size of the  the following keys : 

  • space
  • shift
  • backspace
  • enter 

Certain keyboards might need extra keys or smaller keys.

 Blue keycaps set

Cute keycaps set

Why should you get a keycaps set ? 

Getting a brand new keycaps set for your mechanical keyboards will allow you to personalize your keyboard and while doing so add a bit of fun and color to your work / game place. In addition to the keyboard aesthetic , replacement keycaps set are usually more durable than your classic keycaps set. Getting one of your English/Korean or English/Japanese keycaps set will allow you to have an bilingual keyboard. How cool is that?

How easy is it to install your new keycaps set?

Cal lover keycaps set
Replacing your old keycaps is quite easy but can be a bit intimidating especially if you do it for the first time.  Mechanical keyboard usually comes  with a pincer-like device that allow you to take your old keycaps off.  If you do not have this tool do not despair, our keycaps set comes with this tool! So once the old keycap is off, you will just have to replace   it with the new cap by slipping it straight on.

Which keycaps are best for typing?

A keycap’s profile refers to its shape as their height and shape can vary and can feel the difference in shape while typing

For typing we recommande Cherry profile keycap or the ever classic OEM profile. They are sculpted, confortable reliable and durable.

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