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Samsung buds live box cover

samsung galaxy buds  live pro

Pink astronaute Galaxy buds live pro case cover

Congratulation! you are now the proud owner of a brand new set of Samsung Galaxy live pro and you are wondering how to keep your cool case scratch free and sparkling, where to get the Samsung buds live case cover? Well Just here at the Planter&co we have a large selection of cute Galaxy Buds Pro Case skin!

Our galaxy buds pro accessories will keep your device protected in style!

We have as well put together a quick guide to get you started with your new device

How to charge galaxy buds live case?

  1. Open the charging case.
  2. Check the direction of each earbud and correctly insert them into their corresponding slots in the charging case.
  3. Close the charging case.
  4. Connect the supplied USB Type-C cable to the charging case and plug the USB cable into a charger port. 
  5. Plug the charger into an electric socket.

The dimensions of the case are exactly similar for both the Galaxy Buds 2 and the Buds Live there forth you could use Galaxy Buds 2 cases with the Galaxy Buds Live without any issues

 What to do if I lost my earbuds? 

Well if you do not despair cause help is on the way, well not really but almost! The good news is you won't have to buy new headphones as it is quite easy to find misplaced Samsung galaxy buds using the Galaxy wearable app. Your Samsung earbuds must be charged and connected to the app on your phone or tablet in order to be located,

Can you wear Galaxy Buds Pro in the shower swimming pool and other wet palaces? 


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