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January 1, 2021


Hello everyone,

Congratulation you have survived 2020. Welcome to level 2 of The Hunger Games. Let the games begin! 

Sorry for the bad joke we couldn't help ourselves.

It is been a tough year all right. For everyone. It has been hard to look at the bright side of things sometimes, to find a silver lining. But here we are, we made it through it. A path on the back we are still alive and well.

So new year new you right? It is the best time to launch a new project, a new adventure, and set goals for the new year ahead.

Cute keycpas set

After months and months of soul-searching design ideas and failed plots, we are finally ready to introduce our new baby to the world. Our very own online store where we will sell home decor items. The planter&Co offers a large selection of animal planters, face vases, plant pots, flower pots, and everything else you will need to keep your favorite plants alive this year. Something to brighten your space perhaps and lift your mood if needed.

Cute thermos

So here we are ready to face a new year, new challenges, a new adventure, stronger, wiser, and yes a little bit crazier. The Planter&Co Ladies and Gent, and most of all happy new year.

As always with love.

Yours faithfully

The Planter&Co

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