Propagation stations 101

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Where can I get a propagation station from? 

The Planter&Co has an extensive collection of propagation stations. A stylish addition to any décor shop now for your unique propagation station.

 Tube propagation station

Tube propagation station

What is a propagation station? 

A plant propagation station is usually a device made of wood and small glass  vase that allowed you to propagate your indoor plants. It came in a variety of size shapes and designs and is a great addition to all décor and makes a great gift to all plants parents.

heart shaped propagation station

Heart shaped propagation station

Why is this a great gift?

A propagation station makes a great gift for all plant parents as it is a handy tool that helps propagate house plants while decorating one interior. Cute and handy, a great gift ideal for all occasions! 

There are several reasons why someone might want to get a propagation station:

  1. Convenience: A propagation station allows you to start plants indoors, regardless of the weather outside. This can be especially helpful in areas with a harsh climate or during the winter months.

  2. Control: By using a propagation station, you have control over the growing conditions of your plants. You can control the lighting, temperature, humidity, and watering to ensure that your plants are growing optimally.

  3. Speed: A propagation station can speed up the germination and growth process of plants, as it provides optimal growing conditions.

  4. Cost savings: Starting plants from seeds or cuttings is typically less expensive than purchasing fully grown plants. With a propagation station, you can save money and grow your own plants from scratch.

  5. Experimentation: A propagation station allows you to experiment with different plants and growing methods. You can try growing different varieties of plants, or use different propagation techniques to see what works best for you.

Overall, a propagation station is a useful tool for anyone interested in starting and growing plants, whether for personal or commercial purposes. It provides a controlled environment that can help ensure successful plant growth, and can be a cost-effective and convenient way to start new plants.

Plant parent gift

Cute propagation station

When should you propagate Houseplants?

While some houseplants can be propagated all year long it is best to know when your plant is active or dormant and to plan your propagation around those periods. Many plants go dormant during winter month and actively grow in spring and summer. Therefore, propagation might be more successful during the warmer months.


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